Analysis of Deformations in the Plane and Torsional Deformations – Torsional Vibration: Power Studies on the Shaft

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Msc. Mechanical Engineer Edgar Andrade Orellana
Technical Manager

Measurements of deformations due to maximum shearing stresses on rotating circular surfaces designed to transmit power can quantify the torque value. This is possible through the use of strain gauges, properly installed to measure such deformations. Not only does it measure the maximum, minimum, or average torque value, but also the cyclic oscillation to which the test shaft is subjected, its frequency, and whether there are amplified transient deformations or impact deformations, especially in systems with gears.

What else can we observe of importance? Actually, we can observe the real power of the shaft in the power transmission system, helping us to perform an input-output balance similar to what we would see in a Sankey diagram. This is very useful for calculating the efficiency of a system.
What else does torsional analysis contribute? Commissioning of new or repaired equipment, support in root cause analysis of a fracture problem due to torsional vibration, it can be used in testing new oil by associating the output power consumption with the input power.

It also serves to determine the dynamic characteristics of the power train or a particular shaft, showing its or their critical speeds, a very important data point for variable speed drive systems to quickly pass this critical speed.

Reverse cycle torque during mill shutdown

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